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The Child's Joy
The Sun, a long lost friend and acquaintance, rose slowly from the horizon as I watched silently and joyfully. The rise of a new day, the ending of an old one. I grinned to myself, alone on that beach. The waves gently nuzzled my feet, and the wind kissed my lips as it flew by. I felt the air's warmth, and felt the sudden feeling of happiness in the air. It made me want to shout for joy.
God sat there, watching His child, grinning. "He is pleased by the easiest of things, yet he always seems to understand the works." He told His archangel with joy in His voice. The Angel grinned at His side.
The air kept whispering to him so many stories, so many lovely comments, so many....but one stood out the most as they passed by. I sang:
"May my joy be given to the Lord,
For He has given me Life and Love.
Therefore, I am His, always and forever."
God's grinned widened even farther. "Hear that?" He asked. "He knows he is my creation, and a joyful one, at that."
:iconretermined:Retermined 2 10
Best Served Cold
Revenge is a Dish that's best served Cold
That's how my narrative unfolds
so 'gather round, ones of the town,
To see if the story turns around.
If you know me, and most of you do,
I hate being ignored, don't,you?
So when a bunch of my friends (Yeah, my friends!) did that to me,
you can just guess what I did you see...
cause Revenge is a Dish that's best served Cold
I've served it so many times I know,
with carefully placed marbles at the door,
my friends had a odd little accident in store.
one fell on the floor (well, what else do you fall on?)
and my other friend fell on him,
my other one slipped and with his feet,
knocked them both out (again)
The fourth one fell
actually, out the door,
the 5th tripped over him,
and what was in store?
they all were a heap,
half of them 'asleep'
and I said 'that'd be my handiwork!'
They all recovered-suffenciently enough-
their memories intact,
but they all give me a dollar a day,
cause, well, I never got those marbles back.
They don't ignore me anymo
:iconclockworthy:Clockworthy 2 2
. Jesus Is Not A Lie by JohnnyMayhem . Jesus Is Not A Lie :iconjohnnymayhem:JohnnyMayhem 1,044 1,119
Light and Darkness
What is Light, and what is Darkness?
Simply defined, both are real and alive.
Alive? Don't doubt that at all.
You see, they act upon their own will.
Light leads you in the Darkest of Times.
The Darkest, I will not Love one bit.
The Darkest of Times is many things:
Depression, Hatred, Rage, and all that.
What has this world come to?
That it would choose the Darkness?
Pure spite? Misleading? Or just boredom?
The most common is misplaced Love.
What has this world done to itself?
"Be a Sinner, follow the Crowd,
Or be beaten for your difference of Love."
I'll be different, and take it with Honor.
What must be done to save this dead world?
Save the people first, else they'll choke the World.
Lead them with bits of Light at the beginning,
Then, like a car, turn on to 'Blinding High'.
What do we do, as humans on this cold Earth?
Follow your fleshly temptations and sins?
Struggle under it's weight each day?
No, stand up and fight back with Jesus.
When You feel like the Darkness has aimed for Yo
:iconretermined:Retermined 5 31
The Cross for Us.
He falls down, unable to move.
His body is drenched with maroon.
Poor man, He was unable to walk,
But was shoved to the Cross for you.
He was laid upon it's cold texture.
It seethed into His flesh,
Leaving an imprint upon Him,
While he laid upon the Cross for you.
His soul gasped as the first nail came.
They jammed it with glee into his palm.
He resisted the urge to save Himself.
He had to die on the Cross for you.
The second and third, then the fourth.
He held back through it all.
They slowly raised Him up on that deathbed.
And they mocked His very name.
'The King!' They yelled with laughter.
He took it all with no regret.
They kept on saying 'Save yourself!'
But He knew He had to die for you.
Finally, his time arose.
He cried out for His Father,
And fell into Death's basket,
With two others on each side.
The ones who watched were filled with cold.
The dead rose from their graves.
They ran away, except for a few,
Filled with fear of the Cross.
The veil tore right down the middle,
:iconretermined:Retermined 5 43
Trial of a Christian
The Trial of a Christian.
He stands tall and strong.
No fear is within him.
He has done no wrong.
All he did was explain.
He said the truth to them.
They ridiculed, they snickered,
They even spat at him.
He stood right there and took it.
Took it like any believer should.
He walked away with dignity.
What he did was good.
Give him some love, friends.
He did no wrong to you.
He told you the real truth,
But you were the one to choose.
This is somewhat me,
When I speak with another.
They hate me for it completely,
But I have sewn the seed in them.
Will it grow or will it die?
That, only God knows.
But one thing is assured;
I'm on the right side.
:iconretermined:Retermined 7 18
Love for Him
You take me completely.
Your love, I can't explain.
I just want to feel your face,
And I know I can't refrain.
Just bring me up for one day,
And show me who you are.
I'll sing for you, cry for you,
I just want that one day.
If I show my love for you,
And I give my joy to others,
Will you stand there, clapping,
And saying, 'Well done, Child'?
I think it's true - no, know it is.
I look to you each night.
I feel the air, just for you,
And you touch my hand each time.
:iconretermined:Retermined 10 14
Sketches I by Charlie-Bowater Sketches I :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 1,410 126 .: Within :. by Charlie-Bowater .: Within :. :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 7,270 522



United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Instramental/classical, show tunes, rock, oldies
Personal Quote: Anything worth believing is worth questioning.
So, I've been dead on here for a very long time(due to life being busy and other thing) and I've thought long and hard about if I really want to come back or not, and I've decided that I do.

Right now I'm trying to start bettering myself in a lot of aspects of my life, and that includes progressing in my art. I've never been as active with my art as I was when I frequented Deviantart and I improved so much during my time here. Plus, I met so many great people, many of which I've sadly fallen out of touch with now.

So yeah, I want to get in touch with the Deviantart community again. It won't be on this account, though. I want to start fresh. I won't be deleting this account or anything, but I am gonna try to un-join all the groups I'm still a part of. If I decide to rejoin any groups I was in before(which I might because groups are fun and will help motivate me, I think), then I'll do so with all new character sheets and everything.

My new account is Cogs-with-no-oil . I won't be able to really update anyhing over there for a while since I don't have a computer right now, but once I get my new laptop, I hope to be active!

(P.S.: I'm active on Tumblr, so if anyone wants to follow me I'm cogswithnooil over there )


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...happy birthday to you miss...=3
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Hello! I would like to invite you to come take a look at the Zelda group :iconcirque-of-fear: Understand that you can decline. If you have an intrest of joining we have a bunch of journals on how! And if you have questions that are not answered in our FAQ journal (ect) feel free to note me (or any other admin).

though you just looking at it is nice~

Have a great day!
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Hey nina I had a quick question for you, hope you don't mind.

When missy stepped down from being the founder of the zelda group how exactly did she transfer it to you? I didn't think you could invite someone to founder? I'm just curious because I have a group on another account that I want to transfer main ownership over to this account.
Puertorriquna Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
You'll have to ask Missy cause I have no idea how she did it. Sorry!
Dregrith Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, okay, I'll drop her a message then.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 8D I hope your special day was full of fun! >3<
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